White Hat Rum

We Proudly Make


When you create something in Texas, you’re bound by an unwritten law of craftsmanship that reaches back for generations. Call it Southern virtue, call it stubborn pride. Either one works for us.


Likewise, when a Texan reaches for a product which boasts of Texas origin, they best not be disappointed.   The process must not be compromised by haste. 


Proudly bound by this standard, White Hat Premium Texas Rum is handcrafted in small batches just outside of Austin in Manor, Texas. We make it with South Texas molasses from plantations that’ve seen our state through all six flags. We add natural water originating from springs residing here long before Texas was ever Texas. We triple distill in an effort to produce the cleanest rum possible. And, once our spirit is allowed to rest in American oak barrels for just the right amount of time, it can be

called White Hat Rum. 


There’s nothing quick or easy about the way we make our rum. We just try to make it Texas good. And the way we see it, if it were any better, there’d just

have to be more of it.


We hope you enjoy our rum and, if so, buy some more.  If not, drop us a note and tell us why. We’re here. Making  more White Hat Rum.

White Hat Rum